Student talking at a table
James J. Sobol

Internship Coordinator

James J. Sobol, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor
(716) 878-3217
Cassety Hall 104

CRJ 488: Local Internship


  • Criminal Justice major
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA overall at Buffalo State (local agency)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA overall at Buffalo State (federal agency)
  • Completion of all required core CRJ courses
  • Resume (approved by the Career Development Center)
  • Completion of Career Development Workshops
  • Minimum second semester junior status at time of internship (75 or more completed credits)


Completed applications accepted six months to a year in advance of internship. Instructor permission granted upon acceptance of completed application.

Internship Application (DOC)

Agency List (DOC)

Previous Internships

A comprehensive, supervised field experience in criminal justice and related social service agencies. Requires a minimum of 120 total internship hours in the agency and a bi-weekly academic seminar on campus. Some recent student internship experiences include:

  • Erie Crime Analysis Center (ECAC)
  • Homeland Security Investigations (ICE)
  • Niagara County Sheriff's Department – Crime Analysis
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Erie County Sheriff’s Department
  • Amherst Police Department
  • Buffalo Police Department
  • Cheektowaga Police Department
  • Lockport Police Department
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • U.S. Marshals

Washington, D.C. Semester


  • GPA 3.0 or above
  • Junior or Senior Status

This is a 16 credit-hour experience of graded (A-E) credit. Apply early—some agencies require security clearances.

SUNY Brockport directs the Washington Internship Program. For the latest information, please visit the Washington Semester website. The website includes program information, costs, and application forms.

Application Procedures

  • Complete your application early (including obtaining two letters of recommendation)
  • Meet with Dr. James J. Sobol, Chair. Dr. Sobol must approve applications before sending them to the SUNY Brockport coordinator.

Students will register for 15 credit hours of INE390. Upon completion of the Washington experience, the Washington semester coordinator reports student grades to Buffalo State University. 

Grades will then be converted to:

  1. Nine (9) credits in the Criminal Justice major distributed as follows:

    CRJ488 – 3 credits 
    PSC497 – 6 credits (in the Professional, Behavioral, and Social Science Electives)

  2. Seven (7) credits of All College electives

These credits will then count both towards the student’s criminal justice electives (included in the criminal justice GPA) and/or the student’s total credit hour requirement (120 credits) for the B.S. degree.


It is highly recommended that you attend (at least one year before application) a study abroad financial information session. This session will provide information that will help you seek funding for the Washington experience as well.

Sample Internship Agencies

  • Interpol
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Department of Justice, National Center for Interpol
  • Department of Justice, Criminal Division
  • Department of Justice, COPS Program
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Washington Metropolitan Police Department, Anti-Gang Division
  • Washington Metropolitan Police Department, Community Policing Division
  • D.C. Office of the Attorney General, Criminal Division
  • D.C. Office of the Attorney General, Office of Police Liaison
  • D.C. Office of the Attorney General, Juvenile Justice Division
  • Office of the U.S. Attorney, Law Enforcement Coordinator’s Office
  • Supreme Court Police Department
  • The International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Montgomery County Maryland Police Department
  • Fairfax County Virginia Police Department