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Intelligence Analysis (Minor)

About the Program

Intelligence Analysis, as an academic minor area of study, provides students with an understanding of the theoretical, conceptual, and technological dimensions of intelligence analysis. The intelligence community seeks people who have an interest in history, local and national government, current world events, geographic and planning knowledge, as well as those who are curious and think broadly and critically about a problem. Through a multidisciplinary course of study, students will gain an extensive understanding of local, regional, national, and international issues that will enhance their analysis of critical problems.

The Intelligence Analysis minor is open to all students at Buffalo State who have a GPA of 2.5 or better. The Intelligence Analysis Minor is intended to provide a structured intellectual framework for students interested in pursuing analyst careers in government intelligence agencies, military intelligence or law enforcement. The minor may also appeal to the traditional liberal arts student who is interested in a multidisciplinary, analytical program of study. Elective classes in the minor are grouped into two tracks (national security and crime analysis) depending on student interests and career goals. The minor consists of 21 credit hours taken from a multidisciplinary mix of departments. A minor may include no more than half of its credit hours at the lower-division level. A maximum of three courses of transfer credit will be permitted.

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 21 cr

Required Courses (12 cr) - All four courses required.
CRJ 250 Introduction to Intelligence Analysis
CRJ 355 Crime Analysis
CRJ 450 Terrorism
CRJ 455 Advanced Intelligence Analysis

Elective Courses: (9 credits; no more than 3 credit hours of lower division coursework may be selected)

National Security Track: Select three courses.

GEG 102 Human Geography
GEG 325 Maps and Mapmaking using GIS
HIS / PSC 313 Politics and History of the Middle East
HIS 372 American Foreign Policy in the Far East
PHI 103 Introduction to Logic
PSC 230 International Relations
PSC 330 American Foreign Policy
PSC 335 International Relations of the Middle East
REL 321 World Religions
SOC 328 Sociology of Religion
SOC 350 Power, Class, and Inequality

Crime Analysis Track - select 3 courses
BUS 212 Introduction to Accounting
GEG 309 Urban Geography
GEG 325 Maps and Mapmaking using GIS
PLN 315 Principles of Urban and Regional Planning
PHI 103 Introduction to Logic
PSC 415 Urban Public Policy
SOC 240 Analyzing Social Problems
SOC 380 Sociology of Crime
(Prerequisites SOC 100)

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