Program Requirements: 

The Criminal Justice minor is open to all students not majoring in Criminal Justice who have completed at least one semester of full-time study at Buffalo State College and who are in good academic standing at this institution (2.0 G.P.A. or better). The Criminal Justice Minor is intended to complement the student's major course of study, broaden and enhance career opportunities, and provide expertise in an area of interdisciplinary studies. The curriculum is composed of 18 credit hours taken from the Criminal Justice program and will provide a basic background in the subject area. All of the hours are normally taken at Buffalo State College with a maximum of 6 credit hours at the lower division level. A maximum of three courses of transfer credit will be permitted.

Minor Program Requirements (18 credits)

Mandatory (9 credits) All three required

* CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
* CRJ 201 Criminal Law and Procedure
* CRJ 303 (W) Criminal Justice Theory and Ideology

Electives (9 credits) Select three courses from the following

* CRJ 302 Criminal Justice and the Community
* CRJ 305 The Juvenile Justice System
* CRJ 306 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
* CRJ 307 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
* CRJ 317 Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice
* CRJ 320 Criminal Courts
* CRJ 406 Correctional Institutions and Programs
* CRJ 409 Advanced Issues in Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice

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